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Annuities for Long-Term Care Insurance
in Steubenville & St. Clairsville Areas

Forest Green Financial & Insurance Solutions, LLC, offers annuities to residents of Steubenville, OH; St. Clairsville, OH; and the surrounding areas. Annuities work to secure an income after retirement. There are various types of annuities to suit various life stages which can help to ensure that you have funds for emergencies, medical care, and other future expenses. 

If you are interested in an annuity or seeing if you qualify, call Forest Green Financial & Insurance Solutions, LLC, in Steubenville, OH, at (740) 264-4285. We work with ELCO Mutual to provide great, high-quality annuities for all clients. We proudly serve Toronto, OH; Wintersville, OH; St. Clairsville, OH; and the surrounding areas.

Requirements for Medicaid-Compliant Annuities in Steubenville, St. Clairsville, OH Areas

Medicaid-compliant annuities are an immediate payout for those in need of funds for medical or nursing care that can assist you in qualifying for Medicaid. Medicaid-compliant annuities create a stream of income, lowering your resources and helping you qualify for aid. These annuities must be irrevocable and non-assignable, actuarially sound, and name your states Medicaid agency as the beneficiary for the benefits paid on an individual in an institution. 

Medicaid-compliant annuities must also provide payment in equal amounts. If you believe that you qualify for a Medicaid-compliant annuity in St. Clairsville, OH; Steubenville, OH, or the surrounding areas, call on Forest Green Financial & Insurance Solutions, LLC, to take the next steps.

Forest Green Financial & Insurance Solutions Offers Annuities & More

Planning for the future can be difficult, but not when you choose Forest Green Financial & Insurance Solutions, LLC. We offer various insurance options and Medicaid-compliant annuities to protect your finances and your future. For almost two decades, owner David LaRue has provided exceptional insurance coverage for elder care and financial planning. Contact us today if you live in the Steubenville or St. Clairsville, OH, area to learn more about what we have to offer. Our experienced insurance agent can help you choose the right insurance policy from the following types: